About the club

Welcome on the website of the Royal Club of Small Griffons, Small Brabants, Papillons & Phalenes.

Our club is one of the oldest breed clubs in Belgium and is affiliated to the Royal Society Saint Hubert with number 10.

On our website we give all useful information about our 5 beautiful breeds such as finding breeders, available litters. We answer all your questions regarding care, grooming, health, character, etc...

You can also become a member of our club. Every year we publish 3 club magazines by and for the members and we regularly send out a digital newsletter.

You can also find us at dog shows where we have our club stand to promote our breeds.

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On 27 Januari 1889, the “Club du Griffon ­Bruxellois” was founded in “La Croix du Fer” at the Grand Place in Brussels. In June of that same year 1889, there was decided that the club would work together with the “Schipperkes Club” for all her future activities. The name “Schipperkes Club et Club du Griffon Bruxellois” was chosen. The cooperation with the Schipperkes Club lasted until June 1904.

On 2 June 1904 the “Club du Griffon Bruxellois” became independent again from the Schipperkes club under the name “Club du ­Griffon ­Bruxellois” with Mr. Désiré Demulder as chairman. On 10 January 1910, the club was renamed “Club Royal du Griffon Bruxellois et du Chien de Dame National” and also looked after the interests of the Papillon and some other toy breeds.

Our Belgian companion dogs were initially very popular and enjoyed great royal interest from Queen Marie Henriette and Queen Astrid (1905-1935). Both World War I and World War II have ensured that these breeds have practically disappeared in Belgium. Even now these Belgian breeds are not the most represented at Belgian dog shows, although there are easily more than 100 entries to be seen at foreign shows.

Koningin Marie-Henriëtte met Brusselse Griffonnetjes