Royal Belgian Club of small Griffons, small Brabants, Papillons and Phalenes

Club match 2018 with CAC

Club match with CAC - Saturday 1 December 2018

The Royal Club of Griffons, Small Brabants, Papillons & Phalenes welcomes all friends of our breeds at our club match 2018 in OC De Troubadour in Bissegem.


Verslag Clubmatch 2018 te Bissegem

Report Club show 2018

Report Club show 2018 by judge Gordon Gault.


UK CH Starbeck Rainbow Quest. Photo: Hans Bleeker.

Grooming of the Griffon Bruxellois or Griffon Belge

Preparing the coat for show is not too difficult with this breed, it means grooming the Griffon to give it a well groomed finished look.


Cynothon 2018

Cynothon 2018 with Griffons and Small Brabants

On Sunday 23 September, the FCI organizes the 3rd edition of Cynothon in Montiginy-le-Tilleul.