Lively, cheerful in nature and with a very soft character; friendly with strangers, but nevertheless a good wakertje. His elegant appearance and his good character make him count many enthusiasts.
Light built and rather freel, but that does not mean that it is a weak brother, far from it.
The Belgian Spaniel has a lot of resistance and many of them reach a high age.

Physical description

Small companion dog, its maximum size is 28cm and its maximum weight is 5kg. Has long, light-wavy hair. The coat is well filled with white as the main color and black or reddish markings.
Almost square of construction, slightly longer than high. He has a bushy tail and a nice little head with an expressive face.
When the fringed ears are worn upright standing upright, they speak of a butterfly dog or Papillon. When the ears are worn hanging, they speak of a moth or Phalene.

FCI standard