Petit Brabançon

Petit Brabançon Of Baluchistan


Friendly by nature and very attached to his master. Quiet in nature and yet vigilant. That does not take away the fact that a good walk is best to his liking. The Petit Brabançon takes it for granted to be in the spotlight and thoroughly enjoys the uninterrupted company of his master and family.

Physical description

Small companion dog, lively, intelligent, with a flat snout and an expressive head. The big dark eyes and the extremely short black nose give it a mischievous, sweet and almost human expression. He is squat, square in shape. Hard, tousled rough hair with mustache and beard, which occasionally require grooming.
Color: red, black, black&tan, black mixed with red brown.
Small in stature, weighing between 3.5 and 6 kg.

The ideal company

All this makes the Petit Brabançon ideal for everyone.

FCI standard